Circle AK – Race Journal Entry 2

20:52 Circle, AK

Dave had a good rest at Mile 101; arriving at 5:28 and departing at 10:22.

Dave put Nicole in single lead for the charge up and over Eagle Summit and arrived at the Central Checkpoint, located at the Steese Roadhouse in Central, AK. At 14:12.  At 33 miles, the run from Mile 101 to Central is short in length, but climbs 3,685 feet.  Zek and Rio led the team in; the vets were impressed with their hydration and good spirits.  Dave modified his original plan after observing several teams taking a few hours rest at the busy checkpoint, and departed Central exactly 15 minutes later with a half-bale of straw and all the ingredients for a warm meal. The Roadhouse happens to be the only bar in town and was attracting throngs for customers for the Super Bowl and the Quest.  Ganges is taking another shift upfront and proudly led her team of 2-9 year olds out of Central with wise attitude.

Now, I’m at the Circle Elementary School.  My drive was a long 34 miles of narrow, windy, snow covered dirt road.  The Steese Highway ends at this little town and I forked over $34 to reserve a spot on the gymnasium floor and a shower in the miniature boy’s room.  Dave and the Gang have 74 miles of a very fast trail to cover.  I suspect that he ran another hour or two outside of Central and is resting 4-5 hours.  Perhaps he’ll stop at Konkrine’s Cabin for a short rest, 14 miles away, before heading to Circle.  Who knows!

As for me, I’m going catch some more sleep before meeting Dave in the morning and then embarking on the three-gazillion mile (truck) drive to Dawson City.  Dave and the Gang can look forward to 36 mandatory hours of rest and relaxation – the run from Circle to Dawson is 306 miles. Dave and the Gang will cover that ground in smaller runs of 40-60 miles.   Still 14 dogs strong!

Circle –> Eagle (Wilderness Checkpoint) –> Dawson City
Photos/Entry submitted by Alexander Beebe-Giudice, Dalton Gang Handler for 2010 YQ Race

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