Circle AM – Journal Entry 3

10:49 Circle City 2/8/10

I woke up this morning to a light snow and 10 F.  After a solid 8 hours of sweaty sweaty sleep, I’m fully charged up.   Dave and the Gang are feeling good as well.  Their parking spot was front and center in front of the fire hall, but the coming and going didn’t seem to disturb their slumber.

The entire team devoured their morning meal – the usual fare, ground beef, kibble, supplements and vitamins, and fish oil.  Rio was slightly dehydrated upon arrival in Circle, but has eaten both meals.  Rio and Zek are valuable leaders, finishing numerous Quests between them.   Looks like Rio will continue on to Slaven’s Cabin and then to Eagle!

The young ones – Al, Tom, Healy, and Altair – are maintaining a good energy level and charging out of checkpoints.

At the moment, Dave’s drying dog coats at the washeteria and I’m about to get the truck a bit more organized for the long drive to Dawson City (looks like a bomb exploded).   The Gang will take off around Noon.  I’ll try to remember to get some good action shots….

Photos/Entry submitted by Alexander Beebe-Giudice, Dalton Gang Handler for 2010 YQ Race

Click on the photos for a larger view (well worth it!)

Dave with vet upon arrival in Circle, Alaska

Dave checking the team at Circle

Dave taking booties off

Dave feeding

Dogs Chowing at Circle

Dog Breakfast!