Pelly Crossing – 5th Journal Entry

23:11 February 14, 2010 Pelly Crossing

For those of you following Dave on with the GPS Tracker, you might have discovered that there is sometimes a delay between transmissions.  If the delay is several hours, that usually means the device has not been reset and the Gang is further down the trail than the GPS map shows.  Since Dave left Dawson, the team has covered approximately 170 miles, checking in at the Scroggie Creek Dog Drop and resting a few hours at the Stepping Stone Hospitality Stop.  Dave and the Gang left Stepping Stone at 22:30 tonight (10:30pm) and should be arriving at Pelly around 2:30am on the 15th.  The distance is about 32 miles.

It seems like he’s sticking to his original plan – a good call given the warm daytime temperatures (27 at Pelly this afternoon, 10 right now)) – and will probably blow through Pelly and cover some ground in the cooler morning temperatures.  Since leaving Dawson, the Dalton Gang is still 12 dogs and 1 musher strong!  I’m going to be outside to greet Dave and the Team when they arrive, but for now Pelly’s community center floor is calling to me.

There are several teams within a couple of hours of Dave and the Gang.  While Dave’s not pushing his team too hard, it was  obvious in Dawson that he’s entertaining his competitive side, circling the teams that were within “striking distance” and possibly planning to move up a few places on the board.
Alexander Giudice