Pelly Crossing – 6th Journal Entry

4:11 2/14 Pelly

The Gang rolled into town under a momentary display of Northern Lights and enjoyed the hospitality of the checkpoint for no longer than 7 minutes.  As the green aurora flared, Dave rustled through a drop bag, had his gear checked, ditched his heavy parka, switched leaders, and started down the trail again.  Dave had his game face on and was brief with his words – three resting teams and the cooler night temperature urged him on to McCabe, another 30 miles down the trail.  I expect Dave to take a rest at McCabe, an official dog drop – hopefully, I’ll pass on through that stop without adding another passenger to the dog truck.  After that, it’s approximately 40 miles to Carmacks and 177 miles to the finish line.  Keep in mind, there’s a mandatory 8 hour layover at the last checkpoint, Braeburn, a fine spot for the team to charge up for the final 100 mile push to Whitehorse.  Looks like the Gang is in the running for 11th place, maybe 10.  At the moment, Dave’s got a slight lead on Sam, Dries, and Kelley but will lose some of that ground depending on how long or if he rests at McCabe.

On a another note, the Aurora Borealis must have fired up one of the resting Belgian teams as a 3 on 1 confrontation ended with a misbreeding under the starry green sky.  When it rains it pours.

– Alexander Giudice