Braeburn – Journal Post #8

2/16/10 Braburn Checkpoint 6:20

One hundred miles to go!  Dave and the Gang arrived at 1:15 today with 11 dogs on the line and little Ganges in the bag.   The heat has taken it’s toll on the Gang, and frequents breaks helped them get to Braeburn without heating up too much.   The mandatory vet check yielded no issues; the team, and Ganges especially, were just a bit tired after their 900 mile journey.

Dave is getting by on cheeseburgers; today’s burger was a huge burger – the super burger – at the Braeburn Lodge.  The monster was almost 9 inches in diameter and loaded with delicious toppings. Over his burger, Dave mentioned that the young ones in the Gang are feeling the pressure of such a long distance and are definitely ready for their 8-hour layover.  The older dogs are still trucking along, some of about to finish their 4th or 5thQuest.

Dave will pull his hook at 9:15 this evening.  He’s grateful to be running in the cool of the night, but is planning on the 100 mile run to take a bit longer than the usual 11-12 hours.   Dave will be leaving Braeburn minutes behind Mike Ellis, we’ll have to see how much he pushes for 13th place spot. Mushers usually unload their sled completely, taking only the mandatory gear and a few snacks for the dogs to Whitehorse.  With a lighter load, Dave will probably take a 2-hour around the 50-mile point and then continue to Whitehorse.

Dave is in a good mood, crackin’ jokes, and looking forward to finishing the race tomorrow!  As for me, I’m feeling groggy, fat, and lazy after driving so many miles and eating delicious checkpoint food.  Maybe a giant cheeseburger for dinner will help!

Alexander Giudice