Carmacks, Yukon – Journal Entry #7

2/15/09 Carmacks, Yukon

The mercury continued to climb as we headed down the Klondike Highway to McCabe Creek Dog Drop, and Carmacks, Yukon.  I enjoyed a nice sleep-in at the Pelly Checkpoint and then drove a few extra miles looking for the McCabe Creek Dog Drop.  Coming from Dawson, there’s no sign marking the creek the homestead sits on – the caravan I was part of  (4 trucks, 5 sets of eyes) missed on the first attempt.  A few miles out of Carmacks, the former Italian Air Force pilot with a crazy fire in his eyes (handler for a Beligian team) conceded and we all turned around.

Anyhow, the McCabe Creek Dog Drop is stationed on the homestead of the Kruse family.  Their family has been housing the dog drop for the past twenty years or so.  After a fire destroyed their main house over the spring/summer, they scrambled to rebuild and be ready for the 2010 quest.  The Gang left no members behind at McCabe – Dave passed through in the heat of the day and rested 10 miles away.

I met Dave at Carmacks yesterday evening at 7:45pm, rolling in with a rested team.  I hung out with Dan and Zek in lead, as Dave packed his sled and strapped on a half-bale of straw.   Again, Dave decided to camp outside of the checkpoint.  He did, however, hang around long enough for the Carmacks volunteers cook him up two cheeseburgers to go.   The vet team found no issues with the Gang during a brief exam and Dave skipped out of town minutes behind of one Belgian team and minutes in front of another.

Once Dave was on his way, I took a couple hours to relax in a fine Canadian pub with a few other handlers and race personnel.  Figure skating, a couple beers, and moose-burritos paved the way for a great night’s sleep. 177 miles to go!

— Alexander Giudice