Whitehorse, We Are Here!

Greetings from the Yukon Territory!

That’s right, we finally made it into Whitehorse at 1am this morning. We are Dave “The Man” Dalton, handler Axel Winter, and me, JC -official blogger and waste-removal specialist. Taking turns behind the wheel, the 600+ mile proved no problem at all (except for maybe the short guy crammed in the middle.) Along the way, we stopped four or five times to tend to the dogs and another two or three times to tend to us.

While in Whitehorse, we are the guests of the Kuiack-Kitchen Family, Brian and Marguerite, their kids and assorted animals of varying description. 

Brian and Marguerite are two of the nicest people you’d ever meet. As soon as we entered the cabin – this is the middle of the night, mind you – we were treated to a feast of Lasagne, garlic bread, and the freshest,  best looking salad I’ve seen in years. Their generosity was exceeded only by their perceptiveness and sensitivity to our situation. They gave us beer.

Brian Kitchen is the Director of Health and Social Services in Whitehorse, while wife, Marguerite Kuiack, works with special needs families and children. Former mushers, they now feed their doggy habit by skijoring.

Official Yukon Quest activities don’t begin until Wednesday with the “Meet and Greet” portion of the festivities, but Dave has accepted an invitation to visit the school of  Brian and Marguerite’s 11 year old daughter, Marika, Wednesday afternoon and tell them tales from the trail. 

The training schedule at this time is extremely light, only a few miles a day. Tomorrow is the Veterinary check for the Dalton Gang. Thursday sees several important pre-race meetings for mushers, handlers, and race officials. The race begins Saturday, but already hearts are beating faster…