And They’re Off…

The 2011 Yukon Sled dog race is now under way. Earlier today, 25 brave souls have put it all on the line and are now making their way across the frozen wilderness of Northwest Canada. The line the put it on is the gangline and none were more ready the the Dalton gang.

From the moment the dogs woke, something was different. Maybe they were reflecting our excitement, but it would be difficult to prove. They ate more aggressively, they jumped more excitedly, and they ran much faster to the dog truck this morning than they normally would have for a morning run.

We arrived in plenty of time and thanks to Dave’s organizational abilities, things went smoothly. The race started on schedule and when it came for #23 to start the show, the gang didn’t dissappoint.

On the way to the Start chute, Dave had a special passenger, Marcia from Haines, Alaska. Marcia  had the high bid in a sponsorship raffle for the right to ride with Dave and to have her picture taken with him. Her enjoyment was evidenced by the smile on her face. Then came the serious stuff, and the Dalton Gang put on their race face. It was “Go Time.”

Also, thanks to modern technology and the Yukon Quest International Committee, you can follow Dave and the gang all along the trail. Here’s the link: