Pelly Crossing Checkpoint – 2/7

The temperatures drop, but still the teams press on. Fourteen hours earlier, the Dalton Gang left Braeburn and made their way over the uneven terrain to Carmacks, a one time trading post.

Bedded down in Carmacks

What was considered to be a difficlt path was made even more so by injuries to two of the Gang member. Joey, one of the older dogs on the team, suffered a sore shoulder while Lit sprained a wrist. As a driver who truly focuses on the health and well-being of his dogs, Dave decided that it wasn’t worth the price to push these two anymore. For Joey and Lit, the race is over with the remaining twelve soldiering on to Pelly Crossing, where they are expected to arrive in a few hours.

To finish the Quest with all the dogs a musher starts with is a rare occurrence and something Dave has done twice in his career. Other scratches include the entire team of Denis Tremblay, a musher from Quebec. Tremblay’s team caught a doggy virus and rather than wait around until they were well, the rookie decided to call it a race.As far as  race leaders go,  Hans Gatt, Brent Sass and Ken Anderson are pressing the leader, Hugh Neff.  

We are now two days into it and the handlers are tired and sore. Imagine how the mushers feel…