Dawson, The City of Gold 2/9

The City of Gold

The Quest mushers are slowly filtering into Dawson City, halfway mark of the great race. Listing a population of 1,360, during the Gold rush days of the 1890s, this town was home to over 40,000 people, including the likes of Jack London, Skookum Jim Mason, and Tagish Charlie. Gold seekers drank hard at Diamond Tooth Gerties’ and the Hub (now the Red Feather saloon. )

Hugh Neff

Gold hunters still come to this town only now the names are Hugh Neff and Hans Gatt. Neff was the first to arrive yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon with Hans close on his heels, an hour behind. For his efforts Neff was awarded 4 ounces of gold nuggets. Hugh is also the first musher in Quest history to be first at every checkpoint to Dawson. Congratulations, Hugh!

Dave and the Gang are making their way here and expect to arrive sometime around noon. After that, they’ll have a mandatory 36-hour layover to rest and relax. Something they are looking forward to.

Unlike the Spartan-like accomodations of Braeburn and Pelly, we are housed in a quasi- mansion with the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen.

Outside my window

Dave and the boys (not the dogs) will enjoy a jacuzzi tonight!