Mushing Through The Night

Night Rider

The Dalton Gang is moving into the final stretch. At a brisk 11 mph, they cruised from Checkpoint 101 to Two Rivers. Now, they stand at the edge of a top ten finish. Now, they run to their goal, the end of the Quest. Running through the night, they checked in at 3:25am with an impressive run time of just over 7 hours. These fantastic athletes these fourteen, now twelve…Nicole – the leader,Zeke, Healy and Denali, Sleepy and Doc, Al, Sam, Tom and Sheldon, Sandy and Panda, deserve our applause for the grit, determination and the muscle they demonstrated. Dave was along for the ride.

Headed for home.

With each mile that passes, Dave gets that much closer to Frank Turner’s record of 25 Quest runs. He has made his passion his lifestyle and defines what mushing is all about. Dave, along with Jodi Bailey, are the only mushers left with twelve dogs. They take care of their animals.

At 11:25am, They begin the final assault after the mandatory 8 hour layover. And then, even the dogs can sense it…