The Finish Line And After

Finishing in Fairbanks

The Dalton Gang made their entrance into Fairbanks on Thursday, 2/17, with a certified time of 12d 10h 7m. It came not a moment too soon. For over the last 100 miles, Dave was not just battling Mike Ellis for positioning, but a nasty virus as well.

“It’s a good thing I caught it at the end of the race or I wouldn’t have survived this race,” croaked a feverish Dalton. Calling it one of the toughest races he ever experienced, Dave later recounted before an enthralled crowd at the Finish Banquet just how dangerous the race had become once the mushers left Dawson, “I’m going ‘geez, how are we going to get out there to forty-mile.” But make it out there he did, along with Jodi Bailey and Mike Ellis. The story of their cooperation is one that’s retold in almost all the stories of the mushers. It’s what makes this race unique.

Below is an audio file of the Finish Banquet held Friday night Feb. 18, at the Westmark Hotel. Dave is introduced at 30:26. Enjoy…

The final 2011 Race Results

Position/ Musher/ Total Elapsed Time
1 Dallas Seavey 10d 11h 53m
2 Sebastian Schnuelle 10d 12h 26m
3 Ken Anderson 10d 14h 24m
4 Brent Sass 10d 19h 2m
5 Kelley Griffin 11d 3h 2m
6 Allen Moore 11d 7h 32m
7 Jodi Bailey 12d 6h 51m
8 Mike Ellis 12d 9h 59m
9 David Dalton 12d 10h 7m
10 Tamara Rose 13d 0h 58m
11 Kyla Durham 13d 1h 53m
12 Jerry Joinson 13d 3h 22m
13 Hank DeBruin 13d 10h 54m