Winners Never Rest

The 2011 Yukon Quest has barely ended and already Dave has his eyes set for next year. The training schedule never really stops though there are changes. Soon it will be time for weight training, then water training in summer. The serious work begins in October when the snow flies and possible fundraisers loom at Ivory Jacks.

Fans of the Dalton Gang can get involved and support them by purchasing t-shirts, hats, and hoodies through this very website. In August, sign-up for the 2012 Quest also signals the beginning of the Starter Program Online Auction. This is a program that has enjoyed great success in it’s inaugural year and Quest officials, and mushers, have high hopes for next year. It’s something to keep in mind. Here’s what last year’s winners received:

1. One ticket to the Start Banquet to join your musher’s table.
2. A Special-Access Pass to the pre-race staging area to watch (or help) your musher prepare.
3. Ride to the start line with your musher (Either on the runners or a volunteer snowmachine.)
4. An autographed poster signed by your musher.
5. A picture of you and your musher holding the sled at the Start Line.
6. Your name read by the announcer at the Official Race Start.

Our thanks go out to Marcia, the winning bidder for Dave this year and the winning fan in our hearts!!!