Meet the Dalton Gang 2012

Introducing the 2012 Dalton Gang Race Team, the fourteen canine super-athletes that will carry Dave Dalton over 1,000 miles of Canadian and Alaskan wilderness. Their weights range from forty-three to sixty-five pounds and it’s a lot of muscle. In no particular order, they are…


One of Dave’s leaders, Denali is running in her second Yukon Quest. The five year old female is litter mate to Healy and Sheldon (named after mountains in the Alaska Range.) Her parents were Sally and Kuparak.


Runs in tandem with litter mate, Denali. Healy is running in her third Yukon Quest and is one of Dave’s strong-willed leaders. Both Denali and Healy tip the scales at fifty-one pounds.


This year, Dave’s team has some big males and Sheldon is the biggest. At sixty-five pounds, Sheldon packs the power to get Dave wherever he needs to go. Also running in his third Quest, Sheldon is comfortable in any number of positions on the team.


Weighing in at forty-four pounds, Panda is the lightest of the team, but one of it’s most tenacious leaders. Unlike most of the others, Panda does not come from the Dalton line, but from the Mackey line (Zorro and Moose), by way of Rick Casillo. The four year old is running in her second Yukon Quest.

To be continued…