Meet the Dalton Gang, Part II

Some more of the hard working sled dogs of the Dalton Gang:




Another one of Dave’s “big” dogs, Grumpy is also one of the Seven Dwarfs – the litter that also gives us four of his teammates. Grumpy pushes the scales at 60 pounds plus and with his sweet disposition, he is anything but grumpy. He is three years old and this will be his first Yukon Quest.








Except for his brown eyes, Dopey is nearly identical to Grumpy, his gang-line partner and litter-mate. Another big dog, he also weighs in at over 60 pounds. This, too, is Dopey’s first Quest.









Another male of the Seven Dwarfs, Sneezy is also a Quest rookie. The Dwarfs are from the Dalton line and the offspring of Gordon and Melli.

Editor’s note: Sneezy was pulled shortly before the race due to a wrist injury. Yogurt has taken his place.







Sleepy is the grizzled veteran of the Dwarfs. This will be the second Quest for the three year old. Although he’s not the biggest of his litter, he still comes in at over sixty pounds. He is also the biggest eater in the kennel. If he wasn’t constantly training, there’s no telling how big he would be.







The last of the Seven Dwarfs on this year’s team, Doc is also a Quest veteran running in his second race. Doc and Sneezy are both at fifty-five pounds. What about the other two Dwarfs, you ask? Happy, unfortunately, had to be pulled due to a foot injury (she’s fine, thank you) and Bashful is in no shape having just had a litter of eight pups of her own, eight weeks ago.







To be continued…