They’ve Landed at Eagle

Day Four of the Yukon Quest and Dave Dalton and his gang are running in the top ten. Following reports from the official Yukon Quest website can be extremely confusing, but the best information we have says Lance Mackey and Hugh Neff have pulled into Eagle within one minute of each other. After traveling all night and today on the Yukon River, Dave is either in eighth or ninth place and should be in Eagle before long. From there, it’s 150 miles to Dawson City – about a day and a half by dogsled. The first musher into Dawson collects a prize of gold, four ounces of it, provided they finish the race.

Currently, Dave’s handlers, Lee Lowery and Nina Schwinghammer, are on their way to meet Dave in Dawson City where the mushers have and enforced 36-hour layover. We should get more reliable information at that point.