Goodbye Alaska, Hello Canada!

Sure and steady, the Dalton Gang are making their way along the trail. The harsh mountain summits are behind them and the Canadian border awaits, if they haven’t already crossed it. Dave is running anywhere from eighth to tenth place, battling it out with Norwegian musher,  Joar Leifseth Ulsom and Fairbanks’ own Abbie West.

Dave is estimated to arrive in Dawson City sometime late tonight where he will get some much needed rest. Dawson City is the one checkpoint where mushers are allowed assistance during their 36-hour layover. Handlers, Lee and Nina, will have their hands full building a shelter for the dogs and making sure Dave has what he needs.

Dawson City is considered the halfway point in the race and from here, the pace will no doubt quicken. Lance Mackey is currently in first place with Hugh Neff hot on his heals. Brent Sass, Allen Moore, and Jake Berkowitz round out the top five. The odds are good they’ll be hoisting an adult beverage or two while talking about their race. Good luck to all the mushers and enjoy your break. You’ve all earned it!