Nearing The Final Stretch

We have a guest update from the Mushing Loon report:

Monday morning, and the leaders are approaching Braeburn, the final checkpoint, for a mandatory 8 hour rest, and then the 100 mile run to the finish line. While positions are still a bit fuzzy, its most likely down to a two-team race: Allen Moore and Hugh Neff. The two left the Carmacks Checkpoint minutes apart, and would presumably keep each other within range. However, Hugh will serve a 30-minute penalty for losing his axe, so he will leave start the final leg of the race behind Allen, in all likelihood.

Lance Mackey is running a young team, and while he does get the best out of his teams, he has been losing time on the frontrunners in the last couple of days, and was last reported 3 hours behind. Does he have the “Mackey Magic” in him? The sprint to the finish will be as exciting as always!

Jake Berkowitz is 6 hours behind the leaders, and needs 3 hours to overtake Lance for 3rd. Jake should take Rookie of the Year. Brent Sass looks to have a lock on 4th place. Sonny Lindner, winner of the first-ever Quest in 1984, and 24-year-old Norwegian rookie Joar Leifseth Ulsom are still contesting 6th place.

Abbie West and Kristy Berington are making good time, Dave Dalton is in Pelly Crossing, with Kyla Durham on the way.

Gus Guenther,Trent Herbst, Paige Drobny, Yuka Honda, Brian Wilmshurst and Misha Pedersen have left Dawson for the second half of their race. Marcelle Fressineau will leave in a few hours, with Russian Michael Telpin able to leave later this evening.

Unofficial Standings as of 8:00am ET: