The Dalton Gang Rides Into Whitehorse

On February 4th, twenty-three mushers and their teams of super-athletes, including Dave and the Dalton Gang, set off for Whitehorse on a clear, crisp afternoon. Eleven days, four hours and three minutes later, Dave Dalton crossed the finish line for the seventeenth time in his twenty-second Yukon Quest. 

The weather at the end was considerably warmer, which accounted for softer snow and subsequently, slower times. Still, the Gang finished in the money at tenth place. More importantly, Dave finished the race with twelve dogs, the most of any top ten finisher. Only Sheldon and Grumpy failed to make it across.

Congratulations to all the mushers and their dogs who took part in this most grueling of endurance races. It takes a special type of toughness to go through it and Dave and the Gang showed they have it in spades. From his fans at home and those in Whitehorse, we say, “Way to go, Dave! Good show!”