Summer in Southeast

Summer seems like ages away, but the summer season on the Norris Glacier is an important part of the Gang’s training program. Dave and his dogs provide sled dog tours on the Juneau Icefield with Alaska Heli-Mush ( and regularly run up to 8 tours a day. While the distance, at 2 miles, is considerably less than the runs the Gang will be doing on the Quest, the Gang learns how to focus, eat, sleep, and interact with people while helicopters land and folks from around the world snuggle up for photos. This is Dave’s 13th year with Alaska Heli-Mush, and while he sports most of the grey hairs, Dave is very much young at heart and keeps the young folks on their toes.  Visit or to book a tour with Dave and the Gang if you’re going to be traveling through Juneau this summer!