More From Circle, 243 miles into the race

Sounds like Dave rolled into Circle around 4:45 AM.  He was pretty interested in who won the Super Bowl.  Temperatures having been hovering around 0 F but the forecast is predicting close to -20 temperatures in Eagle.

Circle is a great little checkpoint in the town’s firehall.  After bedding the team down, getting wrist wraps on those, and covering up with dog blankets, Dave’s going to catch up rest before heading on the Slaven’s.  After Circle, Dave will cover approximately 300 miles to Dawson City stopping at the most remote checkpoint – Eagle – on his way.

This 300 mile stretch from Circle-Eagle-Dawson is a doozy and it looks like Dave has dropped the two dogs that might have difficulty making the 150 mile trip to Eagle.  Because dogs can only be dropped at checkpoints, tired or injured dogs have to be carried in a musher’s sled.  A 70-pound Sheldon riding shotgun would certainly slow things down!

Dave is planning on taking off at 9:30 with a fresh pair of boots on his feet.  Keep ya’ll posted