147 Miles to Dawson City, Dave and the Gang in 8th

Dave arrive in Eagle at 951 this morning, one minute after Ken Anderson.  Dave has to stay at Eagle, the most remote checkpoint on the Quest, until 151 (4 hours minimum rest), after which he can take off on the 147 mile run to Dawson City.   In Dawson, Jen and Arthur will have constructed a shelter for the Gang across the Yukon River from Dawson City in the campground.  Jen and Arthur will take care of the team for 36 hours while Dave catches a long rest, works on his sled, and prepares for the second leg of this awesome race.    While we wait for updates from the handlers, pictured below are Grumpy and Dopey – brothers from the Seven Dwarves litter.  In their 4 years, they have both finished 3 Quests in team.  These guys are favorites on the glacier with their almost identical appearance, except for their eyes.

DopeyGrumpy (2)