“Everyone that finishes now is a winner!”

“Everyone that finishes now is a winner.” responded Dave when asked by a reporter upon arrival in Dawson if he was OK with being in the middle of the pack.  Dave was in good spirits when he rolled into Dawson last night just after Curt Perano.  Dave and Curt had been traveling together prior to 40 mile and spent several hours trying to find a trail that had been blown over by strong winds.

Dave and Curt camped at 40 mile Wednesday night so that they could tackle the Yukon River en route to Dawson in the daylight.  Sounds like Spinner has been the shining start of the Dalton Gang this year and has been leading with the ladies for most of the race.  He’s been a ravenous eater and seems to be enjoying his first Quest!

This year’s trail has been hard and fast – Dave ran into some overflow 15 miles outside of Circle and had to stop in Trout Creek to dry out.  The hard-packed trail is hard on shoulders, wrists, and backs.  While three gang members had to call it quits, the remaining 11 on the team seem to be doing well, but will certainly benefit from 36 hours of rest in Dawson.

Dave’s attitude is positive!, and tonight, will have dinner with long-time Dawson friend Shirley.  Tonight, Jen and Ted will continue to feed the dogs and massage them down while Dave fixes his sled and preps for a late morning departure tomorrow.  Stay Tuned for Dawson City pictures!