Pictures from Dawson!

We’re an hour from Dave’s earlier possible departure time from Dawson City – 11:02.  I’m stuck in an office watching the sun shine down on the capitol in Juneau.  Dave’s starting to get the team ready to roll after their 36 hour rest.  Bobber is going to travel to Whitehorse with Jen and Ted due to some respiratory issues.  Check out some photos from Jen!

photo 1

Handlers are allowed to construct open-ended shelters for the teams to take their 36 hour rest in.  Lots of straw insulates the dogs from the snow, blankets keep them warm, and they’re fed every six hours and walked to keep them loose.  photo 3

The veterinary team checks out Bobber.  Random drug testing – for the dogs – happens in Dawson, as well as a vet check of the whole team.
photo 2


photo 5Sandy and Healy in the foreground!