Dave and his Gang have had a productive winter and fall training.  After glacier tours ended in August, the Dalton Gang hit the water behind Dave’s cabin to start fall training.  Swimming is a low-impact, high intensity workout for the dogs and a great transition between summer and fall training.

Most of October was spent on the 4-wheeler bumping around the Healy Trail system and by November, Dave and the Gang were regularly heading to Cantwell to train on the Denali Highway, running the dogs attached to his pick-up truck.  Throughout December and January, Dave’s been able to run the Gang on his snowmachine right from his kennel.  Often, they head out to the Stampede trails and to the actual Bus from Into the Wild fame.

After some intense training, Dave’s got a group of 16 dogs to choose from before hitting the Yukon Quest Trail.  Old Timers – Denali, Healy, Sheldon (8 years old), and Sandy (older than 8) – will lead the charge.  6 year olds from the 7 Dwarfs little – Happy, Sandy, Dox, Grumpy, and Sleepy – are solid race dogs at this point in their careers.  Rookies Chuck, Kate, Norm, and Woody will be starting their first Race this year.

Food Drop happened last weekend, and the Fairbanks News Miner published a great article featuring some insight from Dave, himself.


The Race starts on February 7th at 11am!  Stay tuned for photos from Vet check happening on January 31.