We’re into Braeburn!

*****Dave’s in to Braeburn at 10:49 AK time, little earlier than expected. The Gang will shut down for a few hours before heading to Carmacks. Four young dogs on this year’s team – I’d expect Dave to stay in Braeburn for at least 6 hours. http://yukonquest.com/race-…/current-standings/live-tracking

****Dave and the Gang are at mile 75 and still clipping along. It looks like Dave’s going to go all the way to Braeburn (first checkpoint, mile 100ish) – maybe not? When I talked to him yesterday, his plan was to split the first 100 mile run in half. Handlers Jen and Kirsten are en route to Braeburn with the dog truck, we can probably expect Dave as early as 1115pm if he doesn’t take a long break. http://yukonquest.com/race-…/current-standings/live-tracking