2015 Yukon Quest: Dawson to Eagle to Circle

Ninety six hours and 24 minutes after leaving Dawson City on February 13 at 3:04, Dave and the Gang rolled into Circle City this morning at 6:54 am.  It’s over 300 miles from Dawson to Circle with the remote village of Eagle as the only checkpoint that is not handler supported.




“Dave and dogs looked great coming into Circle! Good timing too… 8.5 hrs/60 miles from Slavens. Grumpy has a bit of frostbite on his flank. Dave says he check it more when he gets to Central and if it hasn’t improved then he will drop him. When Dave came in to the firehall, chef Joe asked how he wanted his steak and eggs cooked. Being pampered now 🙂 also here biscuits and gravy and broccoli quiche.  Dave immediately complimented Mike the main trail breaker for the nice trail coming in. It is rough with lots of zig zagging trying to find the smoothest path through the many miles of jumble ice but Dave said he’s seen worse. Dave came in in the dark so I’ll get some more pics when he wakes up and starts getting the dogs ready. New rule this year, when musher is by his team no handlers are allowed in dog parking area. That’s why we haven’t been able to get close-ups. More later…” – Jen

Mushers were required to take a 6 hour rest at their checkpoint of choice between Circle, Central, and Mile 101.  Dave left Circle 6 hours and 15 minutes after arriving this morning in 9th place!

The Gang in CentralCentral Checkpoint Hospitality