2015 Yukon Quest: IN to Two Rivers at 4:07 am on Feb. 18th

Sounds like the Aurora was really rocking last night – Dave said his next is sore from staring at the sky all the way into Two Rivers!  Jen said the Northern Lights were out all night long…sounds like everyone got quite a show.

This year, two of the Seven Dwarfs have been shining throughout the duration of this 1000 mile race. Grumpy has been this years “most delightful surprise”.  He’s always ready to go and is proving to be an exceptional leader.  Happy has also been stepping up and leading quite a bit along the way and has demonstrated a strong and positive attitude on this years Quest.

On a different note, Norm injured a pad and is being left at Two Rivers.  Regardless of this little injury, Norm has been working hard and having fun.  Looks like Dave will finish 10 dogs strong!