Dawson to Pelly

Dave and the gang arrived in Dawson at 6:07 pm on Thursday, February 11th, after braving a couple of gnarly storms just before hitting town. After checking in with officials, the whole team headed down to campsite number 8. Kirsten and I had to get a little creative with our tent rigging skills, as the site had slim pickings when it came to trees – but a couple of twigs and a lot of rope seemed to do the trick. The dogs got plenty of rest and pampering during their 36 hour stay in Dawson, and Dave was able to thaw out, tune up his sled, eat a good meal or two, and catch up on his sleep (in a bed!).


Dave arriving in Dawson

The dogs were happy to bask in the unusually warm weather (15-25 degrees F!)  while they rested in thick beds of straw, and got a few well-received massages from us handlers. Eires had a sore wrist that Kirsten gave a ton of TLC to, and she left feeling rejuvenated and healthy.


Relaxing in the tent


Frasier being adorable while he sleeps

Dave checked out right on schedule, at 6:07 am on Saturday morning – with 10 dogs on the line. Kate and Yoyo were left behind between Circle and Dawson, and thanks to some very helpful friends, are back home at the kennel getting some TLC of their own.

After breaking down camp and cleaning up, Kirsten and I got some a couple hours rest of our own before packing up and hitting the road to Pelly. Another beautiful drive with an alpineglow panorama, good conversation, and a few more wildlife spottings. We’re waiting for Dave’s arrival in Pelly, expecting him sometime Monday morning…though it seems like a fast trail, so we shall see! In the meantime, we are taking it easy  – catching up on sleep and hanging out with Sleepy and Farrah, who are happy, healthy, and enjoying the extra time out of the truck!


Caitlin in the chute with Eires and Happy


Kirsten greeting Healy in Dawson

Team Lineup

Entering Dawson:

Lead – Healy

Wheel – Spinner and Frasier

Leaving Dawson:

Lead – Happy and Healy

Wheel – Grumpy and Yukon