Mushers meeting and Banquet

Day 2 in Whitehorse! We have one more day before the start of the race on Saturday. Today Dave had his mushers meeting where all the 1000 mile race mushers are brought up to date on trail conditions, check points, vet information and so much more. Mushers also have the opportunity to ask questions on any topic they may have concerns about. After the meeting Dave got to meet his “rider”, the person who donates to get a chance to ride in the basket of the sled, at the start of the race. This year his rider is a wonderful fan named Rhonda from Tasmania! Dave meet her back in 2015 on one of his glacier tours. Rhonda will be following the whole race and supporting the Dalton Gang!

The banquet was a blast, as always! The organizers and volunteers really put time and effort for a wonderful evening. Dave got on stage and pulled bib #12! This had to be a highlight for Dave, since he is a die hard Patriot fan, and Tom Brady’s jersey number is #12! This also means Dave will be on the higher side of the middle of the pack, of 30 MUSHERS!! đŸ˜€ Tomorrow will a down day for rest and getting last minute stuff together, before the big day! 51132480_10157012010544490_8103712395370692608_o2019 1000 mile mushers