Yukon check points

Carmacks: Dave got some good rest once they got into Carmacks and settled in. His departure time was 1130am on the dot!

In Carmacks AND the next check point Pelly,  the mushers can add dogs to the line. Dave added Spinner to lead, to give Doc and Woody some rest; they are now in the team position in front of the wheel.51341360_10157020495889490_7095540716092260352_o


McCabe/ Pelly: Dave had a good rest in McCabe, handlers are thinking he should arrive in Pelly around midnight. The four rookies that have been resting should be added to the team in Pelly!🐶

Update: Dave and the gang came into Pelly about midnight. They rested some more. All 14! dogs and Dave where ready to go . Next stop scroggie before Dawson! In Dawson they will have there 36hr mandatory rest.51236167_10157021954049490_4970984531231244288_n

Dawson: Veronica and Mike made it to Dawson. They got Dave’s drop bags, headed to the camp ground to set up the dog tent so it’s ready for the dogs to rest for 36hrs. Around 5pm today 2/5, Dave was about 70miles out from Dawson. They are expecting his arrival tomorrow morning.  The temperature in Dawson is around 8- below, which isn’t that bad. received_1939426722845995.jpegRhonda, Dave’s rider from the start, and her friends got to check out the dog tent and help lay down straw with Dave’s handler Veronica (she got the ok from race officials). They all had a fun time and where so excited to help out! How exciting!! received_333181594207024.jpeg