Rest time in Dawson

Dave arrived in Dawson this morning. The gang came prancing in with wagging tails and busy smelling all the “smells” from the other teams. Spinner was still in lead with Frasier and Norm still in swing. It looked like in the video that two rookies where in wheel. Dave mentioned in his interview, he had an extra rider 🐶driving with him for 75miles. I found out from Veronica Dave dropped veteran Polar in Scroggie. Hes doing great, nothing wrong with him, just got tired. Dave also mentioned the trail conditions where excellent, one of the better trails he has ever seen. Now it’s time to get the dogs checked by the vet team, get some food in their bellies and much needed rest. Dave will also get a warm meal and rest himself. Now its “go time” for handlers Veronica and Mike, as they can now step in and take care of the dogs while Dave gets rest, fixes up sled, visits some gang sponcers and fans, and gets his next strategy in order. 🐕

Update: Here are a few pictures added. Frasier getting his vet check, Grizzly laying on his team mate Waylon, and the pups tucked in. 🐕

Update: I posted some more great pictures when Dave arrived in Dawson and the dogs resting. I heard that all the dogs are still getting rest, eating, and stretching their legs. Dave has also caught up on need sleep. Look at the intensity in Docs eyes after the came in to Dawson, and handsome Polar looking bright eyed and rested. Oh, and check out that awesome blanket on him!! 🐶