Food Drop in Fairbanks.

This Saturday was the food drop in Fairbanks. “A small army of volunteers under the supervision of the Race Manager takes over as the bags are sorted and put on pallets for shipping. The supplies from Alaska-based mushers destined for Yukon checkpoints will be shipped to Whitehorse, while all bags from Yukon-based mushers destined for Alaska checkpoints will be transported to Fairbanks. Bags are then distributed to the ten checkpoints, themselves, before the first dog team takes off on Saturday, February 1st. The philosophy behind this is that mushers should be independently able to care for their dogs and themselves. This is where Dave brings in all the bags that will be sent off to each check point.” As you can see in some of the pics below, the bags have his last name and the check point that bag needs to go to. All together from start to finish, there is about 11 check points. When Dave and the gang comes into each check point, 10 not including the start, the bags will be waiting for him to grab and he will have dog food, dog blankets, jackets, booties and so much more packed up in each bag. Dave and handler Brad worked hard last week preparing all the bags for Saturday. Dave’s smile tells me he’s pretty glad this part is over! Now we have vet check next weekend! 🐾

Dave all smiles unloading those drop bags in Fairbanks.