Mushers/Quest Guest Lunch and Start and Draw Banquet.

Yesterday was a busy day in Fairbanks for Dave and us handlers, starting with the handlers meeting. Dave had a beautiful luncheon with his Quest guest, Betty, who has known Dave for the past few years and is super excited to be riding with him for his last race. We ended the day with a wonderful and fun banquet with a table full of friends and fans. Handlers Kirsten and Brad, Brad’s girlfriend Andrea, Lee, Dave’s girlfriend Theresa, her friends Tracy, Sarah, Margaret, his Quest guest Betty and her son Chris. There was some good stories and a lot of laughs. Dave’s speech was great, thanking the sponsors, the Quest, vet team, handlers and all in between. Today we have a “down” day before the race to pack up the dog truck and Dave will take the team of 14 dogs for a short practice run of only 3 miles, the temperature has dropped again in the negative -20s, then we head to Lee’s for the night and wake up bright and early to head to the start.