Check points: Central and Circle then Dawson ðŸ¶

The service hasn’t been the best and it’s always a crazy first half of the race. Dave has been in great spirits and the dogs are doing great. Dave dropped Billy, the rookie from the outlaw litter at Two Rivers, nothing concerning, then Butch in central and Kitty in Circle. All 3 dogs are are doing great and resting at home. The trails have been pretty decent and the Gang was ready to go, leaving Circle, for the long trek to Dawson. As Dave was switching dogs around, the older veterans knew it was getting close to go so Ceasar started to sing and Frasier chimed in, as did Grizzly, Bobber and Yogi, well geezers, the whole gang was signing and ready to go. Dave walked down the line talking to them, asking if they where ready to go and the dogs really started to get vocal, almost like they where telling Dave “Come on! Lets go”! I sware I saw big smiles from each of the gang, including Dave! We all at the chute fed off the energy of the dogs. It was a really special moment!❤🐶 After Dave left, I got everything cleaned up and was ready to head to Lee’s to drop stuff off. Early in the morning drive, got to Lee’s and since I was the only handler now, Lee had his bags already packed and ready to go, to be a handler for me! We left in the evening and got to Dawson in the afternoon yesterday, set up camp, ate a great dinner then bed for some well deserved sleep! I had about 4 or 5 hrs of sleep by then. Woke up and did some more preparations for Dave then a great Dinner with Mark Sass, a great friend of Lee’s, me and Dave. I’m expecting Dave into Dawson sometime Saturday. Dave has been taking it easy and most importantly, making sure the dogs are happy and healthy.