Wrapping up Dave’s last Yukon Quest.

Dave is doing great since making the decision to scratch and all 11 dogs are getting their energy and enthusiasm back! Dave and the gang where doing awesome from the start, but a nasty bug decided to put a damper on the run. Each and every dog came down with a stomach virus while on the trail. Dave started to notice the change in their behavior as he got closer and closer to Dawson. When Dave came into Dawson the dogs looked good, but definitely tired. We got to the camp site, got some warm food in their bellies, got them bedded down and tucked into blankets. Dave decided to take more time in Dawson so the dogs could get better rest, be on a good feeding schedule and have the awesome vetanarian team around by the dogs camp, if we needed them. The dogs got lots of pampering and loving care.🐾❤

Dave started to come up with a game plan with his dogs health in mind. He decided to stay at Dawson longer so the gang could get lots of needed rest and then leave after musher, Olivia Webster. During our last feeding time, before he was planning to take off, Dave did a thorough assessment of each dog and decided not to continue. Dave told me it wasnt a difficult decision because he cares for their well being and wanted the dogs to continue to rest and regain their strength. We let the gang rest for the night and got Dave to come out for dinner and hang out with a few other mushers, vets and fans. It was a blast with lots of laughs and positive good energy.

By the next morning the dogs where all doing wonderfully! We loaded dogs in truck, cleaned up camp, checked out and then on our way to the remaining check pionts to get Dave’s bags. Dave got to see mushers coming in, talk with check piont volunteers, eat some yummy homemade meals and most importantly thanked everyone for all they have done each and every year.

We finally made it to our host family, the Kitchen family that Dave has been staying with for over 15yrs!, and settled the dogs in. By this time, all tails are wagging and the gang was being all sorts of vocal. Dave made a little joke and said “Im going back to Dawson to get ready and leave on the trail with the dogs” The dogs are definitely feeling better and pretty sure that bug has worked its way through their system. Now Dave and us handlers can enjoy some down time before meetings and the banquet and do some more socializing. Please check out the great article written by the Yukon News I have posted on Dave’s Facebook page.