A Visit To The Elementary School.

What a fun Thursday! We had a great opportunity to visit the 3rd and 4th grade of Golden Horn Elementary. Dave answered questions and talked about the wonders and excitement of the Yukon Quest. All the kiddos where fascinated! Their eyes where as big as saucers and each and every one of them had a list of questions to ask. We also had “Mr. Ham” Waylon, who’s tail would not stop wagging as each student came up to him and padded him on the head or rubbed his butt! Dave showed the students how he harnesses up the dogs, puts on their dog coats and booties them up. The sledcwas on top of truck and Dave was able to go over the functions and compartments of the dog sled. The children also took turns putting on or taking off booties, harness and dog coat on Waylon, he loved every minute of it. It was so exciting and they just loved looking into the dog truck to check out the dog boxes and what Dave has packed up in the truck. It was so neat to hear the kids tell Dave all about their dogs and how some of them really are interested in dog mushing! 🐾🐶