New Beginnings

As I was thinking of a title for this last Yukon Quest blog, I decided I didn’t want to put the word “ending” in the title and a short but a sweet blog would be the right way to go. This is a time for Dave and the gang to start a new beginning! How exciting!

It’s been a busy past few days. As in the blog before, we had a great time with the school kids and then a fun night at meet the mushers. Saturday was the banquet where Dave was also recognized for his 30 years of running dogs in the Yukon Quest, and then Sunday we where off, headed back home to Alaska. A huge thank you to the amazing vets that looked over the dogs when they came into every check piont and especially at Dawson when the gang came down with that nasty virus. Thank you to all the volunteers, race officials, logistics, YQ staff, and so many more who where there to help out every step of the way, this year and all the years in the past. Thank you to our host family, the Kitchen family for hosting Dave and his handlers for the past 15years! Thank you to all the handlers who came together for one another, helping each other out and being there for their mushers. Thank you to the amazing media team who knows how to capture those special moments. Thank you to all the mushers who run this race and telling trail stories along the way, but the biggest thank you is to the four legged, talented dogs that run in these races. All the past and present Dalton Gang members who worked their furry butts off year after year preparing and participating in the toughest sled dog race in the world. ❤🐾