The gang left Dawson!

Dave and the gang are ready to go! At 8:48pm, Yukon time, they left the chute and are headed to the Alaska side. Dave and the dogs had a great 36hr rest. Dave has 13 dogs now since Polar was dropped, and now getting pamered by the handlers, I’m sure! How could you not with his baby blue eyes, his soft ears, and sweet disposition. The Handlers now have a bit of time to rest themselves, before breaking down the tent and cleaning up the camp site.  After that they will get on the road, for the long ride to Circle.🐕

Dave patiently waiting to leavereceived_350968192410588

Rest time in Dawson

Dave arrived in Dawson this morning. The gang came prancing in with wagging tails and busy smelling all the “smells” from the other teams. Spinner was still in lead with Frasier and Norm still in swing. It looked like in the video that two rookies where in wheel. Dave mentioned in his interview, he had an extra rider 🐶driving with him for 75miles. I found out from Veronica Dave dropped veteran Polar in Scroggie. Hes doing great, nothing wrong with him, just got tired. Dave also mentioned the trail conditions where excellent, one of the better trails he has ever seen. Now it’s time to get the dogs checked by the vet team, get some food in their bellies and much needed rest. Dave will also get a warm meal and rest himself. Now its “go time” for handlers Veronica and Mike, as they can now step in and take care of the dogs while Dave gets rest, fixes up sled, visits some gang sponcers and fans, and gets his next strategy in order. 🐕

Update: Here are a few pictures added. Frasier getting his vet check, Grizzly laying on his team mate Waylon, and the pups tucked in. 🐕

Update: I posted some more great pictures when Dave arrived in Dawson and the dogs resting. I heard that all the dogs are still getting rest, eating, and stretching their legs. Dave has also caught up on need sleep. Look at the intensity in Docs eyes after the came in to Dawson, and handsome Polar looking bright eyed and rested. Oh, and check out that awesome blanket on him!! 🐶

Yukon check points

Carmacks: Dave got some good rest once they got into Carmacks and settled in. His departure time was 1130am on the dot!

In Carmacks AND the next check point Pelly,  the mushers can add dogs to the line. Dave added Spinner to lead, to give Doc and Woody some rest; they are now in the team position in front of the wheel.51341360_10157020495889490_7095540716092260352_o


McCabe/ Pelly: Dave had a good rest in McCabe, handlers are thinking he should arrive in Pelly around midnight. The four rookies that have been resting should be added to the team in Pelly!🐶

Update: Dave and the gang came into Pelly about midnight. They rested some more. All 14! dogs and Dave where ready to go . Next stop scroggie before Dawson! In Dawson they will have there 36hr mandatory rest.51236167_10157021954049490_4970984531231244288_n

Dawson: Veronica and Mike made it to Dawson. They got Dave’s drop bags, headed to the camp ground to set up the dog tent so it’s ready for the dogs to rest for 36hrs. Around 5pm today 2/5, Dave was about 70miles out from Dawson. They are expecting his arrival tomorrow morning.  The temperature in Dawson is around 8- below, which isn’t that bad. received_1939426722845995.jpegRhonda, Dave’s rider from the start, and her friends got to check out the dog tent and help lay down straw with Dave’s handler Veronica (she got the ok from race officials). They all had a fun time and where so excited to help out! How exciting!! received_333181594207024.jpeg

Start of the race!

It’s go time for Dave and the gang!! The day started off early this morning with last minute preps, and then headed into Whitehorse for the start of the race. All 9 dogs where eager to go and more than ready in the chute! I even noticed watching it live from Fairbanks, Woody (lead dog) turned around and gave Frasier an ear full! Maybe it was a pep talk! Doc was also in lead, with Frasier and Norm inswing. Polar was the only wheel dog and was chattering away, lound and clear, ready to go!! The take off looked nice and smooth for them all.  The tracker is keeping Dave up to date, and by the looks of it, the dogs are moving quick and steady! Dave is right up there in the pack. I’m thinking they should be arriving in Braeburn before midnight. The gang will most likely get in the truck right away and head out to Carmacks. Definitely a little different this year; Safety of the dogs and mushers due to trail conditions and lack of snow. I’m pretty sure Daves handlers will be orderibg him a juicy cheeseburger and fries, so he has a good meal in the truck on the way to Carmacks. 🐶50869003_10157017946404490_5069783845784518656_o.jpg51335619_10157018008924490_8601449072903061504_o.jpg51132764_10157019134584490_9135128313101025280_oDave, his rider Rhonda in the bag, and handler Veronica on the sled.

Mushers meeting and Banquet

Day 2 in Whitehorse! We have one more day before the start of the race on Saturday. Today Dave had his mushers meeting where all the 1000 mile race mushers are brought up to date on trail conditions, check points, vet information and so much more. Mushers also have the opportunity to ask questions on any topic they may have concerns about. After the meeting Dave got to meet his “rider”, the person who donates to get a chance to ride in the basket of the sled, at the start of the race. This year his rider is a wonderful fan named Rhonda from Tasmania! Dave meet her back in 2015 on one of his glacier tours. Rhonda will be following the whole race and supporting the Dalton Gang!

The banquet was a blast, as always! The organizers and volunteers really put time and effort for a wonderful evening. Dave got on stage and pulled bib #12! This had to be a highlight for Dave, since he is a die hard Patriot fan, and Tom Brady’s jersey number is #12! This also means Dave will be on the higher side of the middle of the pack, of 30 MUSHERS!! 😀 Tomorrow will a down day for rest and getting last minute stuff together, before the big day! 51132480_10157012010544490_8103712395370692608_o2019 1000 mile mushers


14 Dogs Strong!

Dave, the gang, Veronica and Mike got a good night’s rest at a good friend Lee’s house. Then they all where up bright and early to get the dogs stretched out, potty time and food and water in puppy dogs bellies. They then packed up their personal belonings and last minute stuff, headed out for a comforting breakfast and a good bye and thank you to Lee before the long haul to Whitehorse. The 14 dogs on Daves Team are:🐶

  • Doc/ Woody
  • Grizzly/ Waylon
  • Caesar/ Yogi
  • Frasier/ Norm
  • Cheeto/ Butch
  • Spinner/ Polar
  • Kitty/ Phloen