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Please click on the link below to down load and print to manually fill out 2018 order form  and make check payable to : Dave Dalton and Mail to: PO Box 345 Healy, AK 99743 or with PayPal.   Thank-you for your support

Dalton Gang pfd 2018 Order Form

Gang Sponsors

Dave has a loyal following of sponsors why not add your name to the list by being a business level sponsor. Dave’s sponsors are listed below. Please patronize them and tell them Dave sent you.


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    • Barbara Hopwood
    • The Dalton Family
  • Alaska Heli-Mush 
  • IVORY JACKS in Fairbanks
  • Northern River Band
  • Natiella Inc.
  • Lazytea Creations http://www.Lazytea.net

Gang Members

  • DSCN3247Lee Lowery sponsoring Happy!!!!
  • The Wood Family sponsoring Xylem
  • Theresa Sullivan sponsors Yogi!!
  • Barbara Hopwood sponsoring CHUCK!
  • John and Kathy Cincotta sponsoring Frasier and Norm
  • The Dalton Family sponsoring Grumpy and Dopey!!!!
  • Brender Family
  • JC Campione
  • Dino Capozzi
  • Alison Carter
  • Glen and Dian Dalton
  • Mike and Carolyn Dalton
  • Jeff and Arlene EricksonWH-Train-run 2013 003
  • Fiedler Family
  • Amy Frye
  • Laura Ganis
  • Everett Goodwin
  • Pete Hayes
  • Debbie Hallenback
  • Gail Hanson
  • Sean and Brook Hard
  • Connie Kerns
  • Kitchen Family
  • Al Lemiux – Sponsoring Al!
  • Melissa Mattson
  • Aileen McInnis
  • Mel Mickleson
  • Shirley Murray
  • Tom and Sandy O’Hara
  • Joe  Page
  • Sue and Gordon Paris
  • Nina Parnel
  • Shirley Pennell
  • Kathy PrattKirsten, Dave, Jen
  • Marie and Don Sullivan Sponsoring Woody and Frasier
  • Wally and Kathleen Wallace
  • Axel Winter
  • Mark and Darlene Wood
  • Lorie and Bob Hastry
  • Amee and Lawrence Van Garrett
  • Kerry Lemke
  • Lolita and Wayne Valcq
  • Terry Asbury
  • Sharon and Steve Harrison
  • Pat Pender
  • Brain O’ Loughlin
  • Charles Crowley sponsoring Brady and Bukus
  • Kevin Huddleston
  • Kimberly Elmer Family
  • Alexander Beebe-Giudice,FullSizeRender-2
  • Jennifer Labar
  • Kirsten Thureson
  • Caitlin Ritchie
  • Barbara Decker sponsoring Woody, Polar, Bobber and Hank Jr.
  • Evan Decker

Dalton Gang Kennels P.O. Box 345 Healy, Alaska 99743

Email: daltongangkennels@yahoo.com                                                                                     Phone 907-683-3312


NEW Merchandise!!! Dalton Gang Kennels very own 1.5 ounce shot glass – one for $3 or two for $5.

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Shot Glasses $3. each or two for $5.







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Hooded Sweat Shirts - out of stock until September


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T-shirt and Hoodie



2019 Calendars



One size fits all



T-shirt, Hoodie, Cap, Calendar and Two Shot Glasses


Please down load and print out the 2018 order form at the top of page. Then manually fill it out and send it to the address on the form or with PayPal  Please use this to help us down the trail

  • Gang Membership – You’ll receive a T-Shirt, Autographed Calendar, and Autographed Photo. $57



  • Sponsor-a-Dog or Name a Pup – Select a name for a new puppy or adopt an adult member of the racing team using the ( Dalton Gang 2018 PDF order form ) your contribution will provide your dog with delicious meals, a dog coat for extra cold days and booties for the rough parts of the trail. $150


    From the fantasydogmushing.com you can select your adult name


  • 1000 Mile Club – Sponsor a mile on the Yukon Quest Trail and You’ll receive a beautiful, warm polar fleece-lined jacket with your name or business and mile number and the official Yukon Quest Logo embroidered on the back, and newsletters and a Yukon Quest patch and pin. $450.

    1,000 mile club

    Out of Stock


  • Business Membership – Your Business name will be mentioned in all team publicity including the Yukon Quest program and annual. You will receive tickets to the start and finish banquets, a T-shirt, calendar, Photo and autographed race program. $500

    Business Membership


Interested in the exclusive rights to sponsor Dave and the team on the  Yukon Quest?