Yukon Quest 2017 Start!

The Gang was scheduled to depart at 11:36 am on Saturday, February 4th.  Temperatures were well below zero in downtown Whitehorse – to keep the dogs warm and calm, Dave usually spends time with individual Gang Members inside the truck.  After a moisturizing salve is applied to each foot, boots are put on and team members are harnessed.  Once all 14 dogs are harnessed and bootied, Dave and his crew start building the team.


Dave, Chuck, and Polar inside the truck


Woody is ready!

Prior to the 2017 Start…

We met up with Dave and handlers, Kirsten and Beth, in Whitehorse Friday night. Everyone was busy doing something.  While Dave occupied himself putting the finishing touches on a brand new sit-down sled, Kirsten and Beth tended to the dogs and made sure the truck was fully outfitted for their drive to Fairbanks.   Dave’s sled is two inches wider, and features 9 foot runners.  A cooler keeps dog food warm and doubles as a seat for the musher on long runs.


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