2004 Quest

Dalton Gang History

Racing since 1988, the Dalton Gang has an impressive record with numerous awards from the Veterinaries for Dave’s care along the trails.

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Dalton Gang Yukon Quest 2004

These are the pictures from the 2004 Yukon Quest

Quest 04 Dave and Crew1.jpg (53431 bytes)
Quest 04 Dave at banquet.jpg (67612 bytes)
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Quest 04Dave feeding Dogs.jpg (69028 bytes)
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These Pictures are of Dave and his awards.

Dave Trophy 1.JPG (2381274 bytes)Dave Award 14 OK.JPG (2371319 bytes)

The next pictures are Training runs

Dogs in harness with Snow machine5.JPG (1398199 bytes)
Dave with Leaders 2.JPG (1406000 bytes)
Dave with Team2.JPG (1356247 bytes)
Dogs in harness with Snow machine2.JPG (1330853 bytes)
New Four Wheeler 2.JPG (1427117 bytes)
Dave with Team6.JPG (1425458 bytes)
Dogs in harness with Snow machine3.JPG (1378158 bytes)
Dave with Leaders.JPG (1415406 bytes)

These next pictures are of the new puppies.

Puppies 1.JPG (1334425 bytes)
puppies 2.JPG (1377613 bytes)
puppies 3.JPG (360625 bytes)
puppies 4.JPG (825439 bytes)
puppies 5.JPG (353970 bytes)
puppies with Mom 2.JPG (1358732 bytes)

Dave won the Vets Choice
award for Dog Care on the Yukon Quest.